My Elegant Evening with the Countess

Oh yes I did.

The dynamite Kerry Robinson of Zuber thought of one person and one person only when she saw that the Alliance Francaise was hosting a signing of Real Housewife LuAnn Countess de Lesseps' new etiquette book.

Yes, my addiction to the Real Housewives series is one of my dirtiest secrets - although more dirty than secret as I love to talk about it whenever given the chance.

Last night we listened to LuAnn tell the story of her life which is actually rather interesting. Did you know that she was the Italian Vanna White for a time? I particularly liked that she is completely open about her modest background and the less glamorous things she did to pursue her ambitions. Like working as a night nurse while making a go of it as a commercial model in New York City. That said, she certainly leans on that title rather heavily.

A few juicy morsels:

LuAnn loves to sing so watch out - a Countess album may be next! Apparently Bravo is too cheap to pay for the rights to the songs she sings to air her in action.

She has spent some time at the Chopra center during this difficult time of her divorce and meditates twice a day. A woman there told her that first marriages are for meeting your biological mate and producing children. That done, the marriage has been fulfilled and there is no failure in moving on. This resonated strongly with LuAnn.

This woman (who lives next to Ramona) asked her what her sign was....

Taurus with Cancer rising was the answer.

Did the RHoNY show doom her marriage? It didn't help, but there were signs for awhile that things were heading south.

And although I bought a copy of Class with the Countess just to get a picture with her, I *secretly* can't wait to read it only because it is more about her life and less about class. Now, a book by Ramona on manners - that would be something.....
Click here if you want more more more RH guilty pleasure!

All photos - except top - courtesy of Junenoire Photography/FIAF