Out of this World: RW Russell Chandeliers, Part I

Many of you may recognize this image as a room by interior designer Thomas Pheasant which I included in the Neoclassical Moderne chapter of Regency Redux. Illuminating this airy blanc-de-blanc dining room is an RW Russell chandelier, whose creator I had the pleasure of meeting last week.

A sketch on a cocktail napkin

I must admit I've never paid too much attention to lighting fixtures - but that was all B.B.R. (Before Bob Russell). As any set designer knows, far from being an afterthought, lighting is EVERYTHING and just as much attention deserves to be paid to the fixture itself as to the light it casts.

For almost twenty years, Bob's other-worldly creations have been adding luster to some of the most beautiful rooms in the country. Part sculpture, part jewelry, all parts divine, every piece is unique and custom-made out of hand-forged metal, blown glass, and - on demand - Swarovski crystals at his workshop in Williamsburg.

RW Russell chandeliers stand out and shine bright (forgive me!) in an age of mass production and knock-offs. See for your yourselves....

for Beth Rudin de Woody's Palm Beach residence

These hall lanterns are perhaps my favorite and remind me of Jean Schlumberger jewelry (below). Bob says they are his most elaborate commission, and are encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

This commission for designer Robert Couturier's own New York apartment

was inspired by the sword of Damocles. I think it has a bit of a Verdura feel, non?
A chandelier for Kemble Interiors...

installed in this Palm Beach dining room.

Although it's partially cropped out of the photo, this chandelier for McMillen alum Marcy Masterson is clearly dynamite.

A candelabrum for Bunny Williams....
...in a whimsical still-life arrangement

Commission for the Aronow Rausch residence as seen in Elle Decor

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...and stay tuned for the outrageous Bob Russell house tour - words can not describe!