Erratum: A case of mistaken identity

"Charles Townley proudly displays his famous collection of ancient statuary in his gallery in this painting by Johann Zoffany. He is seated on a bergere while reading at a pembroke table."

It is true that Townley, a voracious 18th century collector of antiquities, is sitting on a bergere, but, thanks to Barry of the Blue Remembered Hills who recently visited Townley's ancestral home, we know that Townley is in fact the gentleman in the foreground, with his faithful dog Kam at his feet, NOT the one at the pembroke table.

I love this picture as it communicates the mania verging on obsession the English had for all things Classical in the eighteenth century. As Barry notes here, Townley's collection was exceptional and was purchased by the British Museum in the early nineteenth century to form the foundation of its Graeco-Roman holdings.