Everything is Fashion

This Fall, I will be teaching my first course on the history of interiors at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

I have been asked by some, "how will you make history interesting?", and my response to that (besides being slightly saddened that it's asked at all) is that everything - be it paintings, furniture, textiles, or architecture has been shaped by fashion, and fashion is fun! Seriously though, after understanding all the elements of a style, it becomes a tapestry as rich and vibrant as today. The connection between fashion and interior design is just one of the reasons why I'm thrilled to join the F.I.T. community.

But just in case my students need a little help igniting their interest in Gothic or Baroque, perhaps I'll help them by dressing in appropriate garb...

a little Cleopatra for antiquity

Kate working a snood for the Middle Ages

They won't dare to ask for an extension from Bette's Queen Elizabeth