Les Tétons au jardin

Yes, these bushes are meant to look exactly like you think they look. In fact, Titus and Frederic, the caretakers of our communal earthly paradise, have spent two diligent and focused years to achieve this result - and why not? Many artists have replicated the human form in the search of beauty....

A Sèvres porcelain bowl from Marie-Antoinette's laiterie at Rambouillet is said to have been molded from the Queen's own breast. Click here to order the reproduction made by Bernardaud.

Many say that the size and shape of the champagne coupe was inspired by the breast of such famous lovelies as Helen of Troy and the Marquise de Pompadour. Dancers at the Moulin Rouge, such as the infamous La Goulue below photographed by Adolphe Block, were rumoured to have had their anatomy measured by the coupe as part of their audition process.

If they filled the cup, perfect... if the cup runneth over, next!

This painting at the Louvre is attributed to the Fontainbleau school and is thought to be of Gabrielle d'Estrees and one of her sisters in a wooden bathtub, c. 1595. Gabrielle d'Estrees was the mistress of Henry IV and is depicted holding a ring given to her by the king. Her sister pinches her nipple to indicate that she is pregnant with the king's child. In the background a female figure is sewing clothes for the baby.