Back to School

As you may have guessed, I have been crazy busy this past week preparing for my first classes at F.I.T. It's a wild experience being on the other side of the desk and one I take very seriously.

To get to know my students, I asked each one of them to share who their favorite interior designers are, and the results were interesting. The two names at the top of the heap? - drum roll -

Jamie Drake known for his fearless use of the rainbow in all its hues


the well-muscled David Bromstad of HG TV's Color Splash, whose show reminds us that most people are still living under the tyranny of white walls...

and after...

what all this means, my dears, is that Color is In. And what's more transformative (not to mention cheap) than a can of paint?

Watch David in action here or take a walk down shocking pink lane chez Mr. Drake courtesy of NY Social Diary

And who would YOU have said?

Top Photo: Room for 2007 Kip's Bay Showhouse by Drake Design Associates