The EEE Carnet d'Addresses: Seamstress

Claudine Rahkar: my lady of the magic needles

Having worked for a top antiques dealer for years, I have accumulated a rolodex bursting with movers, refinishers, caners, and upholsterers - all of which I can recommend without question. My friends have long come to me for names and sources for the obscure (like a cobalt blue glass liner for a Georgian silver salt cellar) to the essential, and now I'd like to share it with you.

There could be no better way to launch this series than with Claudine Rahkar whose skills I've been putting to the test: shower curtain, bolster pillow, seat cushions, and the latest....

this table cover which has a front flap allowing me to access all the unsightly boxes and files I've stored below. $75 plus my own material.

For some one whose ambitions far exceed her pocketbook, Claudine has been a godsend. And just how did I find the divine Claudine? Craig's list!

Claudine may look young, but her fresh bloom and apple cheeks belie her years of experience. From the age of eight, Claudine was stitching away and eventually assisted her mother in the family business of shoulder pads and bra cups in their native Trinidad. Several years ago, they set up shop in New York and once the business was Claudine's own, she embraced her love of interior design and began sewing soft furnishings - and how!

Claudine is an avowed traditionalist and describes her own decorating style as French Country. And the book she turns to again and again for inspiration?