Carolands House Visit, Part II: The Buatta Touch

The Ladies Lounge - the curtains reminded me of those made for Evangeline Bruce by John Fowler, an early mentor to Buatta

Many times the only difference between "good" and "great" is a small detail, but what a difference it makes. While touring the storybook Chateau Carolands, I found my attention constantly drawn to the beautifully finished soft furnishings dreamed up by the Maestro of Passementerie, Mario Buatta.

The Men's Lounge

Students of curtains, take note of the generous length of the panels that puddle most attractively on the floor - lining and interlining are key to achieving this look.....

A favorite Buatta chintz in the Loggia

Taffeta Festoons - is there anything more swoon-inducing?

a symphony of blue and yellow - cording, buttons, and tassels finish the seat cushions in the dining room

The Johnsons, the owners of Carolands, love to play cards - who needs real cards when you can have needlepoint ones which very conveniently leave hands free for highballs