Blowing out a Candle: EEE turns 1

And what a year it has been.

When I first started my blog 365 days ago, little did I know how my world would expand and explode.

Your wise and wonderful comments, suggestions and - yes - corrections have opened my eyes and deepened my understanding of style and design -sure - but also of how much more rich and fun something is when you share it.

The celebration lasts all week as a few of the design blogosphere's most illustrious commenters (who constantly occasion everyone to ask, "When are they going to get their own blog?") have agreed to dazzle us with their wit and wisdom here. PLUS a feature presentation on the most searched term on the blog. (A free copy of Regency Redux to the first person who guesses who it is.) Meanwhile I'll be eating cake.

Stay tuned for some delicious guest appearances...

Photo © Bettmann/CORBIS