Cuff Love*

Poet and Wild Child Nancy Cunard captured here by Cecil Beaton

If, as Accessorator Judi Roaman says, it's not the first $1000 that make a room, it's the last $100, perhaps the same follows for what one wears. The sartorial style of the ladies pictured here have all made my heart beat faster....

Iris having a Western moment - perhaps it's all those layers which keep her so lithe?

...but it wasn't until my trip to see the Iris Apfel exhibition at PEM that it struck me what they all had in common - one and all had embraced a More is More philosophy - to life AND to their bangles.

Learning to stack: my bejeweled Iris bangle on top with a studded Alexis Bittar one below

On a trip to Santa Fe a few years ago, I became smitten with Standard Oil heiress Millicent Rogers ...

who became so enamored with silver and turquoise old pawn, she learned how to make her own.

Old Pawn - not old paw, Gus!

I won't be taking metalsmithing classes any time soon - but I did pick up this cuff in homage.

Chanel and her Verdura cuffs photographed by Man Ray

Verdura may be out of reach for awhile, but Kenneth Jay Lane works in a pinch....

But the more I think about it, my penchant for a well-shielded wrist perhaps stretches as far back to this fearless lady....

I'll take cuffs over an invisible plane any day!

* Yes, "Cuff Love" is indeed in tribute to Real OC Housewife Lynne Curtin's line - click here to get matching his and hers