A Cocktail (Napkin) Conundrum

It seems like one of the major changes in my new life as a Madame (not that kind) is to go "old school" with linen .

After impoverishing myself at the Porthault winter sale immediately after our honeymoon, my next adventure in cloth was a set of cocktail napkins, pictured above. Spurred by an upcoming dinner party (as so many of my purchases are), I went on the prowl.

I was mad for these Madeira poodle ones on Gypsie Rosalie, but alas they had been sold. Besides, I needed them in hand within the next 48 hours. So I paid a visit to Janet at William Wayne where I found the pristine, never-been-used set designed by Georges Briard, perhaps better known for his glass and dishware.

This little Briard beauty is on ebay for only $9.99

Dear Reader, I have to confess I was thoroughly flummoxed by their unwieldy rectangular shape. How does one gracefully hand over such a large napkin? Janet suggested maybe wrapping it around the drink, but what if it's a wine glass?

With my guests' arrival looming, it was necessary to consult an expert and I knew just to whom to turn: Jared Miles, a butler and estate professional who has worked for families even the Joneses can't keep up with.

Jared advised, "I think that I would fold them. We never press a fold into napkins, the fold is always just simply done by hand. If the pattern is interrupted by the fold, if a guest wants to see the full design, they'll unfold them to have a look. I think it would look funny to use them unfolded." Aaah - yes, one can fold without a press!

For more of Jared's pearls, visit: http://thebutlerdoesit.blogspot.com/

Next stop on the EEE adventures in linen: guest towels! Any recommendations? The Peak of Chic's still haunt me with their Cecil Beaton lettering seen here....