Castaing Outtake: Nina and Robert Ricci on the Champ de Mars

While scouring French decor magazines from the 1950s and '60s, I came across a feature on the first lady of couture Nina Ricci's Paris flat. There was no mention of Castaing, but the print on the walls (which you will see A LOT of in the book) and the pink striped tenting of the entrance, below, made me pause.

Castaing's grandson Frédéric confirmed that the Riccis had indeed been clients and so here for your pleasure are the photos which sadly didn't make the final cut. Nina was well into her seventies and had already set aside the reins of her maison de couture when this was published in 1961. However there are several touches which speak to the client's fashion background which veer from the classic Castaing canon, such as the abundant use of silks, grey carpeting, and general restrained use of patterns.

A mahogany bookcase and writing table cut a bold profile against the grey walls and black-bordered white carpeting in Robert’s masculine study.

In contrast to Robert’s sleek space, Nina’s bedroom was layered with flowers, books, and her collection of glass. The carpeting is mouse grey over which is layered an "Eastern" carpet which MC expressly disliked. Love that long fringe!

All photos from Art et Décoration, April 1961