Living with Castaing: Irene Lievoux

Busts of Josephine and the Duchesse de Berry watch over the Grand Salon
One of Mme Castaing's most faithful clients was Irene Lievoux.  The pair traveled to England, the United States and Italy together on shopping trips during which Lievoux was thoroughly inducted into the high priestess' style.  While Castaing offered her advice freely to Lievoux on the decoration of her neoclassical chateau de Vauboyen (which MC claimed to have once tried to buy for herself), most of the rooms were done by Lievoux herself a la Castaing. 

My friend John Woodrow Kelley shared this article with me from a 1987 issue of Vogue Decoration dedicated to Le Goût Russe which showcases White Russian Mme Lievoux's Paris flat.   

Red, blue and green - MC's favorite colors - dominate and each reminded Lievoux of her native land.  Red evoked the work krasnie "meaning both red and pretty", blue the color of the eyes of the Prince Youssoupov, and green the domes of Orthodox churches.

Castaing's fourth favorite color was black, which she boldly used as her neutral as David Netto points out here, where he further dissects le style Castaing.

Photos by Pascal Chevalier