The Carleton Draper Touch, Take Two

The North Parlour at the Greenbrier as decorated by Dorothy Draper.  The fabulous Dr. Conte, the resort's historian, told us that the walls were a pale pink, and that DD brought in the antique mantel and designed the rococo style mirrors and consoles.  We love the white sheepskin rug in front of the fireplace.  The other rug was apparently very old, rare, and cher.  It was eventually removed and put in storage after being traversed by too many stilettoes.


Carleton Varney refreshed the room in a deep coral color which he took from a DD commode in the room....

which was then subsequently repainted in scarlet. 

Bookending the fireplace are two landscape scenes which were formerly one.  DD couldn't find a space to hang the painting so she cut it in two.  As you can see, what is normally a quiet lounge is now hopping: a shoe store has temporarily relocated to the room while undergoing renovations.