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Harper's Bazaar

5 Best Design Books To Buy This Summer

June 2018


Architectural Digest

Reconsidérer le decor

May /June 2018


Elle Decor


mood board by Sophie Pera

May 2018

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Elle Decoration

Henri Samuel, le french maestro

May 2018

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La Gazette Drouot

Henri Samuel, Le Grand Style Français

May 2018

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New York Times Style Magazine

Uptown or Downtown? In the Early '80s, It Made All the Difference

May 2018

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Introspective Magazine

Meet Henri Samuel, The Givenchy-Approved Designer with " Perfect Taste"

April 2018


Architectural Digest


Acclaimed French Interior Designer Henri Samuel Is Celebrated In a New Book

April 2018

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Town & Country

The Enduring Legacy of French Interior Designer Henri Samuel

March 2018

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Wall Street Journal

Recreate a Glamorous 1970s Parisian Living Room

February 2018

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Architectural Digest

Marian McEvoy debuts at Eerdmans Fine Art

May 2017

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Zac Posen's 10 Favorite Books

July 2017

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New York Times

Attention for an Architect

October 2016


Bedford and Bowery


Art This Week: Selfie Voyeuring, Searching for Terry, Reduced 'Crapitalism'

October 2016

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T Magazine

Five Things T Editors Are Really Into Right Now

October 2016

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Architectural Digest

Beloved Decorator Madeleine Castaing's Designs Take the Spotlight Once Again

March 2016

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Wall Street Journal

Décor Inspiration from Surrealist Jean Cocteau

August 2016

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New York Times

Shopping Guide: Bookcases

February 2016

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House Beautiful

A Manhattan Loft Transformed into a Wonderland

October 2015

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Architectural Digest

Mario Buatta: Fifty Years of American Interior Decoration

September 2013

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Washington Post

Top design books for the holiday season

November 2013

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New York Times

Mario Buatta: The Beauty of a Bad Pun

September 2013

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Madeleine Castaing Used Color Frequently, Frenchie Sparingly

October 2010

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Wall Street Journal

The Decorator's Decorator

October 2010